Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The Mission President asked us to read the Doctrine and Covenants three times in three months.

The 1st 30 days we mark in Pencil:

Doctrinal statements and teachings

A doctrine is a fundamental, unchanging truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,.  Key words are: eternal, unchanging, simple, and truth.  Doctrines are never altered.  They never vary.  They will always be the same.

Examples of doctrines - Elder David A. Bednar
    Atonement, Fall, Creation
    Priesthood and priesthood keys
    Revelation and the process of communication with God

2nd 30 Days - Red Pencil:

Mark where the Savior identifies Himself.  Mark references to Him.

Mark Prophecies of things to come
    Moon shall withhold its light at Lord's 2nd coming (D&C 133:49)
    Sun shall refuse to give light (D&C 88:87)

Mark visions - (D&C 76 - Six visions Joseph and Sidney were commanded to write)

3rd 30 Days - Blue Pencil:

Mark personal messages to you.
    Peace, direction
    Instruction, correction
    Strengthening of faith and testimony
    Messages about your call as a missionary

The "Doctrine and Covenants contains the word of God to those who dwell here now.  It is our book.  It belongs to the Latter-day Saints.  More precious than gold, the Prophet (Joseph Smith) says we should treasure it more than the riches of the whole earth."
(President Joseph Fielding Smith)

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