Friday, October 7, 2016



I looked on the B-1 floor and what did I see?
A group of missionaries who've become a fam-i-ly!
Our leavers brought to us a wonderful surprise...
A fun way to look at life and cakes of every size.

Palmer's have entertained in Martha Stewart style,
Making sure our time together always brought a smile.

It isn't really so - but it seems to be...
Palmers to Idaho, their fam-i-ly to see.

Trying to fill each and every need
No matter the problem, they always would succeed.
Schedules, needed prayers, young Elder's treats.
One hundred twenty two of us makes quite a feat!

Getting up our emails has brought such stress,
Barely time to write the "International Express"!

Many, many thanks, missing you a ton.
Palmers, don't forget on B-1!

Alcantara, Lidia.JPG

Lidia Alcanta
from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Appel, Eugenia.JPG

Eugenia Appel
born in New Mamajestie, Bukovina, Romania
Now living in Mesa, Arizona

Aromaa, Esko.jpg

Hisae Joy ​Araki
born in Japan

Andre Bagley

Diana Bass

Lynn Duce

Shari Duce

Aromaa, Marja.jpg
Charles Eberhard

Aromaa, Marja.jpg
Diane Eberhard

Aromaa, Marja.jpg
Isaac Evans

Ellen Fehr
Ellen Fehr

Lemon, Leon Mercer.jpg
Leon Lemon

Lemon, Sheri Lynn.jpg
Sheri Lemon

Martin, Judy.jpg
Valentina Maksimova

Martin, Judy.jpg
Judy JoAnn Martin

Miller, Arnold.JPG
Arnold Miller

Miller, Jo Ann.JPG
JoAnn Miller

Rainey, Marion.JPG
Marion Rainey

Michael Seiter

Sharon Seiter

Sroka John.jpg
John Sroka

Sroka, Kathleen.JPG
Kathleen Sroka

Sypherd, Tanner.jpg
Tanner Sypherd

Tauzin, Gisele.jpg
Gisele Tauzin

Gloria Vasquez

Wurtz, Herbert.JPG
Herbert Wurtz

Leticia Wurtz

Yowell, Kelvin.jpg
Kelvin Yowell

Aromaa, Esko.jpg
Esko Aromaa

Aromaa, Marja.jpg
Mirja Aromaa

Karen Axelrod

Castaneda, Jesse A.jpg
Jesse A. Castaneda

Geraldine Ann Cherneski
Geraldine Ann Cherneski

Dolberg. Bonnie.JPG
Bonnie Dolberg

Glen Dolberg

​Yveline Folquier
Yveline Folquier

Fournis, Adeline.JPG
Adeline Fournis

Fournis, JJ.JPG
Jean-Jacques Fournis

Grooms, Sandra.JPG
Sandra Grooms

Keeler, Christine.jpg
Christine Keeler

Krogstrup, Ane.JPG
Ane Krogstrup

Lamb, Sandra.jpg
Sandra Lamb

Lamb, Elder.jpg
William Lamb

Paulo, Augusta.jpg
Augusta Paulo

Pocock, Kent.jpg
Kent Pocock

Pocock, Sondra.jpg
Sondra Pocock

Porrier, Marie.jpg
Marie Porrier

Sissell, Alton.jpg
Alton Sissell

Sissell Eleanor.jpg
Eleanor Sissell

Taguchi, Keiko.JPG
Reiko Taguchi

Wheatley, Karl.jpg
Karl Wheatley

Wheatley, Maurine 1.jpg
Maurine Wheatley

White, Carol.jpg
Carol White

Van Wyngaarden, Kathy.jpg
Kathy Van Wyngaarden

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