Monday, January 18, 2016


We have been assigned to the International Floor.  I know why we were assigned there -- because my husband speaks French.  But I have been having a hard time finding my nitch.  I don't know a language or how to research in any foreign countries, and I barely know Family Tree.  So when the Zone Leader called us in and gave me a "special assignment" I felt like maybe there was a place for me here.  Then when he told me they wanted me to be a trainer, I actually laughed out loud.  I told him that I most likely knew the very least of anyone in our entire zone.  But now I have a nitch and will give it my all.  I will be helping train the brand new missionaries and will conduct a short in-service twice a week during prayer meeting.

Two of the new full-time missionaries that I helped train when they first arrived on the International Floor.  William and Sharon Seider (sounds like cider).

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