Monday, December 14, 2015


We had a Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday.

It was to recognize those who had completed certain levels of training.  We both finished our Level One training and received a nice certificate.

It was funny, because at the meeting, JoAnn was up in front for almost everything.  They honored her for her birthday (got a nice chocolate bar), then they honored her with the other new missionaries, and finally they honored her for completing Level One training.  Pictures were taken at all of those, but somehow, she got left out of the only one they published in the newsletter, The International Express.

But at least Arnold got in the picture, so we are represented.

January 21, 2016

At this recognition, Arnold and JoAnn both completed Level 2 training and received certificates.  Arnold was in a class at the time and missed getting in the picture.

Also pictured from left to right are Sister Lamb, Elder Lamb, Sister Bass, JoAnn, Elder Wurtz, Sister Wurtz, Elder King, Elder Wheatley and Sister Wheatley

Each day at Prayer Meeting we have a short In-service presentation.  We are then given an assignment to complete in connection with the subject taught.  The first go around we had a picture of a bare tree on our lockers.  Each time we finished an assignment we got a different colored leaf (representing the subject of that in-service) for our tree.  After we had completed 10 cycles of lessons, those who completed all 10 were presented with the card above with a Bliss chocolate on it.  The card says, "As the trees on your lockers have blossomed with new leaves, we hope your skills for helping our guests have blossomed as well.  We commend your dedication and commitment.  May you find BLISS-ful joy in your missionary service."

Now we are using a toolbox and tools to represent the different tools we use to help the guests find their ancestors.

From left to right front row:  Sister White, Sister Miller, Sister Dolber, Sister Appell
From left to right back row: Sister Van Weingarten, Elder ___, Elder ____, Sister Aromaa, Sister Chernesky, Sister ______, Sister ______, Sister Lemon.

From left to right Elder Lamb, Sister Lamb, Sister Bass, Sister Miller, Elder Wurtz, Sister Wurtz, Elder King, Elder Wheatley, Sister Wheatley.

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