Sunday, November 29, 2015


We had to dress warm.  Do you think this coat may be a tad big?

Arnold's new sweater vest - courtesy of DI.

Ready for the cold?  Hat - check, woobie - check, gloves - check, top coat - check,
warm smile - double check.

 Lights outside of the Family History Library


Inside the Tabernacle

It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be to take pictures of the lights in the dark.  But, as we keep saying, these are not art, they are memories.  And, it was fabulous in person!


This was the only shot of the Nativity that turned out.  We will go back in the daytime and get the rest.  It was wonderful - they told the story of Christ's birth and lights shown on the part they were talking about.  When that part was finished, there was a recording by President Monson about the ways we can honor Christ as this time of year and always.  It was a perfect ending to the evening.
All is all, it was a cold and glorious evening.

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