Tuesday, November 17, 2015


On Monday night, the Branch hosted an activity for the new missionaries and those who were going home.  It was a fun dinner - baked potato salad bar with all the fixin's.  And, the dessert table went on forever.
There were so many people that the cultural hall (much larger than any other cultural halls we've ever been in) that we could scarcely fit all of us.  We are a Branch, but with 100% activity and everyone with a temple recommend, the spirit is amazing.
The new missionaries wore red polka dot ribbons with "HAIL" on them and the outgoing missionaries had green polka dot ribbons with "FAREWELL" on them.

The program was a photo history of the Stake President and the Branch President.  Our Branch President is Michel Miller.  He served his mission in Tahiti.  His wife is the Relief Society President and she is from Tahiti.  It was so fun to see them as a young couple.  She was one of the Polynesian dances at the Polynesian Center in Hawaii.  They speak French, and Arnold has had a fun time emailing them in French.
All of the young Elders are in our Branch.  They are Elders who for one reason or another were unable to serve a regular proselyting mission.  Many who of them are autistic or have Asperger's.  They are amazingly hard working and have tremendous skills with technology and helping with family history research..  They are a tremendous asset to the Mission.  We have 4 quorums of Elders - I don't know how many young Elders there are, but at the end of the program, they all came up on stage and sang "Called to Serve."  It was amazing.  They have such enthusiasm and are so sweet.  We couldn't help but get emotional.

All in all it was a great introduction to the Salt Lake 2nd Branch.

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