Thursday, November 12, 2015


For the first two weeks, we had all of our training in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly the Hotel Utah).

Joseph Smith Memorial Building

It is the most elegant, ornate building.  Everything is gorgeous, even the restrooms.
Ceiling above the main floor.

Each day we start with a Devotional.  On Monday, it is with the entire mission and the rest of the week just with our "class," which by the way is the largest "class" so far in the history of this mission. There are 64, with 10 being younger Elders and 54 being senior missionaries (couples and single sisters). 
They usually start with a series of short video clips, ranging from inspirational to quite funny. They had a musical one where a bunch of cowboys sang about "Herding Cats" that was hilarious with great visual effects.
My favorite so far was a family that sang about Family History.  In it they kept showing a poor young boy dressed in a turn of the century "waif" outfit. 
At the end of the song, they sang, "Family History is important to me."  Then there was a shot of the boy also singing "Family History is important to ME."  It really brought the point across and tears to my eyes.
One video showed different paintings of the Savior with children.  One in particular touched me as He held a baby close with a look that showed so much love.  Just how a parent would look holding their child.

Gift to Arnold from his trainer, Sister Nelda Potter.  The note says:
"I'm just a little dishcloth, but each time you use me, Remember what you have learned to clean up your family tree."

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  1. What an amazing view you have! Looks dreamy! What do they have you doing?