Saturday, November 28, 2015


Today was one of those days that could be looked at from two directions.  The same events could be viewed as problems OR a tender mercies.

We awoke today to the first real snow since we arrived in Salt Lake City.  It wasn't a huge amount of snow, but we had so many errands that needed to be taken care of today, and with our unfamiliarity with driving in the snow, we decided to just stay home.

Unfortunately, JoAnn also awoke with a full blown urinary tract infection.  She called the Instant Care number that we had been given by the mission.  They answered, "Our hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm seven days a week.  Please call back during our regular business hours."  But, it was already after 9:00 am.  We didn't want to go out in the snow if they were not going to be open, so JoAnn called several times.  They finally answered around 9:30 am.  They were open and we could come right over.  During the time we waited for them to answer (between 9:00 am and 9:30 am), the streets had been plowed and salted, the walks were cleared and the snow had stopped. 

Tender mercies one and two.

We have an insurance company that only works in Nevada, so we were worried about how much this was going to cost.  They took our information and checked with our insurance company.  It was going to be covered!  This even included the prescription antibiotic.  The pharmacy was just down the hall from the doctors, so no trekking around in the snow to find a pharmacy. 

Tender mercies three and four.

We not only were able to travel on the snowy streets without incident, but we found a Smith's grocery store that we have been searching for just a few blocks from the Instant Care.  We were out of several things, but had decided earlier not to go shopping in the snow.  But here it was right on our way.  We stopped and found it to be a great store that we will use from now on.  There were several other stores we had been looking for in that same block (Staples, a really good bakery, etc.). 

Tender mercies five and six.

We made it home just fine, JoAnn took her medicine and then took a nap.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to do one more errand.  The snow had melted somewhat and it seemed safe.  Just as we were about to pull away from the curb, a man got our attention and asked if we would let him in the apartment gate so he and his family could surprise from Elders with treats.  Arnold got out of the car and walked them down a few apartments, and let them in the gate.  When he came back to the car, he slipped on some wet leaves and fell right on his back side.  With the slippery grass/leaves, he was not able to get up.  We tried several times, but JoAnn was not strong enough.  After a short prayer for help, a young man walked by.  Arnold called, "Help!" and the young man came right over and was able to lift Arnold to his feet with no difficulty.  Arnold wasn't hurt, just had a wet back side from sitting on the wet grass. 

Tender mercy seven.

So, today could be looked at two ways.  We choose to see the tender mercies and thank a kind Heavenly Father for watching out for us, even in these seemingly small ways.

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