Monday, November 16, 2015


We were sitting in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building downstairs area when an older gentleman came up to us and said, "Do you want to hear a cute joke?"

Hoping for the best, we said, "Sure."

"There was a man who owned an orchard adjacent to a Catholic school.  He had a great number of apples one year so he offered them to the Nuns to give to the children.  The Nuns were delighted.  They set up a display at the end of the cafeteria line with a large pile of the apples.  There was a note attached to the apples that said,
Stock vector of 'Red apple, watercolor painting'

"'Take only one.  Remember God is watching.'

"The children happily took one apple each and all was going very smoothly.  Suddenly, one of the Nuns noticed that at the other end of the line, where they always put a large tray of cookies with the same instruction to take only one, was completely empty.  She went down to check it out.  There was a note on the empty tray that said,

Close up of an half eaten cookie with crumb against a white background Stock Photo - 16206781

"'Have as many cookies as you want.  God is busy watching the apples.'"

It made us laugh.

While in the checkout line at Walmart on Saturday, the woman behind us noticed we were missionaries.  She told us about two new sister missionaries from Brazil who were in the line in front of her a few weeks ago.  Behind her in line was a man who had served his mission to Brazil and his son was currently serving there.  When he learned that the two sister missionaries were Brazilian, he opened his wallet and paid for the Sisters' complete bill (over 100). 
  Flag of Brazil, vector illustration - stock vector

It made us cry.

In both instances, total strangers were able to brighten and uplift our day.

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